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If anyone could cook for you …

If anyone could cook for you …

If I had never used a multicook in my life, and someone had told me that this appliance could easily cook everything familiar from my favorite recipes, I would probably not believe it.

With this thought I lived before I was inspired and bought it, looking for innovation that would put me down at least a little in cooking.

I admit that in my first attempts with him, I was slightly frightened. Will everything be okay? How do you just put all the products and spices and after 30-40 minutes the dish is ready? Amazing!

The principle of work is very easy: most multicooks have about 8 basic cooking modes (baking, steam cooking, cooking, frying, choking, etc.)

Typically, each multicook model is sold with a recipes booklet featuring at least 20-30 dishes that are cooked daily in every home: from traditional stuffed peppers, rice chicken, cake and banitsa to a selection of connoisseurs like seafood or veal with exotic spices.

Cooking with a multicook is easy, especially because in 90% of the recipes, all products are put together, and you only need to choose the cooking mode and set the food preparation time and press a single button “Home “.

Everything else you do is practical and clever, as a smart chef who is next to you and helps you in the kitchen.

There are at least 10 brands in the country’s retail chains that offer different models of multicooks – depending on the budget you have and the features you want the device to have. (Below you are some of them)

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of a multicook woman for each woman is the fact that most models have the option of a delayed start. What does this mean? Put right: you load the products in the morning, set the dish to start cooking, for example, at 5:00 pm, and when you get back from work at 18:00, at home, you expect freshly cooked food.

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