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Ingenious tips on how to cook large amounts of food in a small kitchen

Ingenious tips on how to cook large amounts of food in a small kitchen

If you have a small apartment (and most people live in), your kitchen is probably too small. But before you quit cooking and start eating out, taking home or microwave food, read these helpful tips. They will show you how to cook more meals in a small kitchen without a complete mess.

Step # 1: Clear
If you have a small place, you can not afford to collect many things; this also applies to the kitchen. Get rid of everything that is not essential and you do not use it daily. Especially if it occupies a valuable place on the worktops you need for more important things.

Step # 2: Use the walls
You do not have enough space in the cabinets, but your kitchen is sure to have walls, right? You can take advantage of this: hang up additional shelves, pot for pots and pans, magnetic blade for the knives. Once you’ve cleared the tops of the excess, you have room for real cooking.

Step # 3: Use the sink and the stove
When you do not use the washbasin and your stove, put on them plastic covers to use this additional surface for countertops. Now you can prune, mix, and do any other bits of the products on a much larger surface that will always do your job. And when you need the sink or the stove, just remove the covers and use them.

Step # 4: Clean up while cooking
Yes, we know it sounds obvious, but it does not matter. Clean countertops and empty washbasin are of great importance in the small kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, just put everything inside after you have finished using it. If you do not have it, wash your used utensils and utensils. This will save you much time and space that you will need.

Step # 5: Just Bake
When preparing a bigger dish, try to roast it because it will make it easier to cook all the way. Put a large piece of meat in the pan, add the chopped potatoes and vegetables and put them in the oven and … that’s it. While the main dish is cooking, you have enough time to clean the kitchen and prepare the dessert.

Step # 6: Use the serving table
The dining table can be used as extra space, especially if it is close to the kitchen. Use it to cut vegetables and meat, let the ready meals cool or mix the perfect dough. Perhaps the table is lower than the countertop, but it will do anyway.

Step # 7: Use the top of the racks
Unless cabinets are too high, you can certainly use their cooking surface. You can use them to store kitchen utensils, pots and pans or porcelain to use on official occasions.

Step # 8: Buy your kitchen table on wheels
You can use such a table anywhere in your home: in the kitchen – to store things like a counter, and having guests – as an extra table for serving. And when you finish eating and want to relax on the couch – like a small table serving dessert and coffee.

Step # 9: Fill the oven
When you do not use the oven, you can store pots, pans and other kitchen utensils in it. You only have to remember to remove them before turning on the oven unless you want to buy a completely new set of pots when the old ones get damaged.

Step # 10: Make things easier for yourself
Preparing everything alone does not only take a lot of time and energy, but also a lot of space. If you are preparing a great meal for the whole family, it’s probably better to make it easy for you to buy some bits. This does not mean that food should taste as if it is a can. You can add ingredients you have prepared to impress your guests.

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